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Wedding Processional - Rock/Electric Guitar Theme?

My fiance (Jason) and I are big rock/metal fans who also are having our ceremony in a church and want chuch-friendly choices. I like violins too, but we are trying to keep our whole wedding in the rock theme.

Our first dance is going to be to Metallica - Nothing Else Matters and I absolutely adore that song. I found a violin version which is Apocalyptica - Nothing Else Matters and it's absolutely PERFECT that I can use for my whole party and come in at the big part at the end. Seriously, it's so perfect that it brings tears to my eyes. Shockingly, however, Jason doesn't like it. It's one of his favorite songs, it's our song, but he wants something more traditional.

Jason's given me free reign on just about everything despite my asking for his opinions on things and that song is pretty much the only thing he's spoken up about and so I want to give him one of the few things he's asked for.

But I dislike piano and organ and really don't want anything too common unless it has a rock-like edge to it. For a recessional song I've got Freeminstrel - Wedding March from A Midsummer Nights Dream because it's not too overboard and a recessional can be upbeat anyway.

For Whom The Wedding Bell Tolls has a bridal song that is definately metal but I have a 98 year old Grandmother who I love very much and want her to live through my wedding day without a heart attack.

Does anyone have any songs? Perhaps a traditional song done with  (electric!) guitar?
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Re: Wedding Processional - Rock/Electric Guitar Theme?

  • Have you heard of/listened to Vitamin String Quartet? They do strings versions of tons of newer, popular stuff (sort of like Apocolyptica); maybe you could find on of their songs you like?
  • Nightwish - check out their instrumental version of their "Dark Passion Play" album.

    FI and I are coming into our reception to "Last of the Wilds"


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