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Skipping Father/Daughter Dance?!

Basically my father's a drug addict who's supposedly been clean for 2 years and has been trying to mend our relationship, of course my family insists that my father walks me down the aisle, and shares the dance with me. However, my Uncle/Godfather who has treated me like his child from day one is the real person I want to walk down the aisle with and have a dance with. To top it off, one of my Aunts recently told me that i needed to honor her husband with a dance because I lived with them for a few years. I have no problem honoring anyone but im not trying to spend 20 minutes dancing and boring my guests. Any other options or should I omit the Father/Daughter dance all together?

Re: Skipping Father/Daughter Dance?!

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    I would just omit it. You're right; your guests will be bored with too many dances. You can still dance with them; just don't make it a spotlight dance if you don't want to. 
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  • You can dedicate a dance to him but let everyone else stay of the dance floor... that's what I'm doing with my brother.
  • If you don't want to have those dances, then don't! My sister got married three years ago and she did not do a father daughter dance, and it wasn't missed. She also had my mother and father walk her down the aisle together. 

    I am not too sure what I am going to do yet. I might have 2 dances, one with my step-dad and one with my dad. Or just one and split it in half... i'm not sure yet. I also think it would be nice to have my FI dance with his mom! 
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    You could always split one song between them.  First dad comes, then Uncle cuts in and the grandpa goes last.  I saw it done once and it was nice.  

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