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I have no idea where to even begin with a music list for our ceremony or reception! Help please! Orders? Good songs? I'm totally lost on this one.
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    Is it a religious or secular ceremony? How long? What kind of venue? What instruments are available? Organ? Piano? What's the sound system like?

    What kind of music do you like? What kind of music does your future husband like? What songs are meaningful to your family? His family? What are your venue's rules about amplification?

    My ceremony music will be
    Processional: The Church's One Foundation
    Sermon Hymn: Sing Praise to God Who Spoke Through Man
    Offertory: May the Grace of Christ our Saviour
    Communion: Adoro devote, in English
    Recessional: For All the Saints
    Postlude: Fanfare on Sine Nomine has indices of lots of hymnals (books of religious music). They'll have Wedding/Marriage/Matrimony sections.
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    OMGEEE! I have no idea. We want it to be a short intament service. We are having my childhood church pastor deliever the message and the service. I am into modern music and am having a high school friend sing for the service. I am not sure at all what music I want or how many songs I should pick...Our wedding is starting at 3:00pm and it is outside, I am into Train (marry me) and James Blunt music for the service...but like I said I don't know how many songs I should pick for each section. Thanks for your help so far :)
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    It it's a short, intimate service outside, you'll want at most 3 songs with lyrics: something for the beginning, an interlude, and something at the end. The only outside wedding I ever attended only had a harp for the prelude (while people are taking their seats), no other music.

    If you don't know what you like, I don't think music is very important to you, and I don't think you should have lots. We're kind of music opposites, you and I, and that's OK. It sounds like you've got 2 songs for the service. I'd but them as an interlude and at the end.

    Then you'll need at least 30 minutes of prelude. This just needs to be upbeat background music that you don't mind your grandmother hearing. I'd just choose 10+ of my favorite songs to play via iPod or whatever. They don't have to be love/romance/wedding-specific as long as they're not too attention-grabbing and they're happy.
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    I've seen outdoor weddings with acoustic guitar players. My brother did this at a winery and it made for a beautiful ceremony! Also, many guitarists can play both pop and classical music if you wanted to mix it up some and/or it could be nice accompaniment for your singer.
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    I did a little research and I am wanting more modern, non-traditional songs played by a friend of mine who will be singing. I just hope I know what I'm doing and it all turns out the way it looks and souds in my head. We are into music but having to organize it to each motion of the wedding is a totally dfferent story, it sets your whole mood and I am nervous it wont turn out just right.
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