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Fun Wedding-Related Songs (Bachelorette gift)


I'm getting ready for a bachelorette party for one of my oldest and dearest friends. In high school, she used to make me these amazing mix CDs, and so I thought for part of her bachelorette day gift, I'd make a CD of fun wedding-related songs, and I'm looking for ideas. So far I've got:
1) Chapel of Love
2) Marry You (The Glee version--we're both big Gleeks!)
3) Get Me to the Church on Time (big Broadway nerds, too!)
4) I'll Cover You (from Rent, the fast version)

Any suggestions? To clarify, this isn't for her to use in her wedding, just a fun CD to listen to in the week leading up. Share away!


Re: Fun Wedding-Related Songs (Bachelorette gift)

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    There is a cute sone from "My Fair Lady" called "I'm Getting Married In The Morning".

    Also ~ the song from "Muppets Take Manhattan" was in my head the whoooole week of my wedding! Its called "Somebody's Getting Married" and it's super cute! =)
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    White Wedding - Billy Idol
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    Thanks for the great tips! In case anyone is wondering, here's the playlist I ended up with:

    1) Chapel Of Love by Bette Midler  
    2) (Today I Met) The Boy I'm Gonna Marry by The Crystals   
    3) The Wedding Chorale - Beggars At the Feast from Les Miserables
    4) The Way I Am by    Ingrid Michaelson  
    5) It's In His Kiss   by   The Supremes  (This is the couple's song)
    6) I Melt with You    by   Bowling for Soup 
    7) I'll Cover You   from    Rent  (one of our favorites)
    8) Marry Me    by    Train   
    9) Get Me to the Church on Time    from    My Fair Lady
    10) Marry You (Glee Cast Version)   
    11) Love and Marriage   by    Frank Sinatra         
    12) White Trash Wedding    by    Dixie Chicks
    13) I Say a Little Prayer    by   Dionne Warwick   
    14) White Wedding   by    Billy Idol       
    15) It's Your Wedding Day    by   Stephen Lynch   
    16) Grow Old With You   by    Adam Sandler       
    17) Marry Me    by    Neil Diamond & Buffy Lawson  (we're big Neil Diamond fans!)
    18) I Wanna Marry You    by    Bruce Springsteen         
    19) Marry Me a Little   from    Company (2006 Broadway Revival Cast)   
    20) Marry Me   by   Dolly Parton 

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    Colbie Caillet I Do!
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