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Wedding Planning in 8 months

You guys I am new to this wedding thing, me and boyfriend (of 3 years) basically just decided to do this.  I am excited but have no idea where to start!!  Does anyone have an opinion on a 5K wedding and what to do!!!

Re: Wedding Planning in 8 months

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    You need a venue.  There are several inexpensive DIY venues in the area.  I also know that the Village Country Club in Dallas is fairly affordable.  Do you need a place for your ceremony as well?

    I planned my wedding with less than six months to go.  You can definitely do it.
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    Like the PP said, the first order of business is your guest list.  This will determine what size venue you will need and also how far your money is going to go.  You might want to consider a Friday night or afternoon wedding to save costs.  I also suggest keeping the guest list as small as possible.

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    I am planning a wedding for a friend in 6 weeks... so 8 months should be a breeze :)

    First, decide on number of guest. Then you will want to have a date/s in mind so that when you start checking with venues you have some options to give them.

    Are you needing everything for 5k? 
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    I planned mine in 4 months. It was a crazy busy time but it can be done!
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