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Processional music -- "matching" the vibe?

Sorry, this is kind of long. But I think the background will be helpful....

On Song #1, the short procession will be the minister, the groom's parents (together), the groom's sons (together), and then the groom. MAYBE 2 minutes will be needed. Then on Song #2, I'll walk in with my dad, whom I will seat and then continue on alone to meet my groom. (No WP.) We are having the ceremony indoors, but not a religious setting.

So, I thought I had my song picked out, and was just waiting for FI to pick what they'll all walk in to. But what he picked is a sweet lullaby (Simple Gifts, either the Yo-Yo Ma/Alison Krauss version or the Jewel version), which makes me think my pick (A Love Like Yours and Mine, Dulcie Taylor) isn't right. The Jewel version and my song fit well in terms of instruments (both are heavy on acoustic guitar and with a folk/country feel), but the lullaby is super sweet and clearly not about us. Dulcie Taylor's song, in contrast, tells a story very relevant to how FI and I started dating -- its first lyrics are "The world can break a body, tear dreams apart. But deep in the darkest hour, a miracle can start." Then it goes right into the chorus: "When I am old, darlin', and dreamin' back through time, I'll still thank God for giving me a love like yours and mine". So it's very much a me-to-FI message, not a general sweet thing. And when everyone's all happy from Simple Gifts, I don't know that I want to slap them around with breaking bodies and torn dreams. 

So, three questions: (1) Do you think people will be "interrupted" by the beginning of Dulcie's song? The words are very clear. (2) If I do pick another song, how important is it that the style of mine meshes with the style of song #1? (3) if I'm walking in with my dad, should I even have a song that's about me and FI?

I feel like the processional songs should be setting a tone, and I don't want to rip anyone out of a reverie, either by messages that make them scratch their heads, or by songs of totally different styles (I really like Love is All Around by Wet Wet Wet, but it soooo doesn't go with the sweet lullaby). But are these actually things to take into account? I was hoping he'd pick a classical guitar piece that would blend nicely into my choice. Do we just leave enough silence to let people's ears clear, and how long would that be? Thoughts? (yes, I need to take a deep breath!)

Re: Processional music -- "matching" the vibe?

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    My opinion: either use thte Jewel version of Simple Gits, which will flow better with your song, or, pick another processional and use the Dulcie song as your first dance.  If you have another first dance picked out, or aren't doing one, then go with your gut.

    I wouldn't worry about the lyrics to your processional.  All eyes will be watching you walking to meet your FI.  I would guess that if I asked most of my guests what I walked down the aisle to, they wouldn't have a clue other than maybe remembering it was a brass quintet.
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    We do have a first dance song picked out -- Feels Like Home, sung by Bonnie Raitt. Last night I looked (listened!) at swapping everything around, but still couldn't come up with anything. By the time you get anywhere in Feels Like Home, 2 minutes have gone by. Our first dance will be the only dance, so I can't just have the songs played later. I may hunt today for a guitar, instrument-only version of Simple Gifts....
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