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wedding DJ vs. DJ App

Okay folks, so I am looking for DJ's for our June 1st ceremony and found two and one's price us 500 for 4 hours and the other is 500 with no time limit. Is 500 a pretty good price? We are on a tight budget so I am trying to find the cheapest.
Has anyone ever used the wedding DJ app for iPhone or iPod touch? I saw it on Pinterest and it looks pretty neat..but would rather know if it is a good thing.

Re: wedding DJ vs. DJ App

  • I don't know anything about the DJ App, sorry.

    As for the price you were quoted - you should ask your local board, see the links to the left under Local Wedding Boards.  Prices vary greatly by region.
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  • I'd go with the DJ--the last thing you want to be worrying about it a tech meltdown in the middle of your reception, and if you're having dancing a good DJ will be able to read the crowd and play what your guests want to dance to. Also, it's hugely helpful to have one to make announcements and move the reception along--have you ever been to one of those weddings without a DJ (or with a bad one) where the reception dragged on and on without progressing, announcements were haphazard and 85% of the guests left before the bouquet toss? After attending one such wedding last summer, I swore that I'd hire a good DJ.

    I'm also on a shoestring budget (or at least it feels like one!) and so I price shopped around a lot for a DJ. My gut instinct says that $500 is a REALLY good deal (we're probably squeaking by with $550, but it took us awhile to find any under $1000), but I'm getting married in Seattle which is probably significantly more expensive than Arkansas.
  • I live in a small area in upstate NY and its $750 for 5 hours
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