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Just floating out an idea

FH & I want to do a variety of musical styles that cover a varitey of musical genras during the wedding and reception. The school I teach at has a Jazz Band that is wonderful and we went to the 44th Annual Jazz Band concert last night. We are thinking about asking the band director if the Jazz band could play for about an hour (after the ceremony but before dinner) to keep the guests entertained while we finish the last of the pictures. Our wedding is June 30, 2012. We both love jazz and bug band music that the HS Jazz band is known for. The Jazz band does play for community events but I don;t know that they have done a private event or if they will even be able to since our event is after the school year ends and kids could be on vacation eith their families.

What do  y'all think?
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Re: Just floating out an idea

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    I would speak with the band director and see if this is possible. I was in a jazz band in HS and we had never done a private event, but I don't think we were asked either!

    It's possible the band director may contact her/his best players and see if they'd be interested in doing this since it's after the school year and probably harder to rangle the whole band. A smaller jazz ensemble, as long as all the parts/instruments are covered, would still sound nice.

    The director should also be able to tell you if this is something that just isn't feasible.

    If you do go ahead and have them play, I'd figure out some way to compensate them though, since they are providing a service. We hired a quartet of string players who were HS students and even though they had a set price, we paid them that plus a little extra on top of it. I'd speak with the director about negotiating a price; I don't think they should have to do it for free unless the director offers that. In that case, I still might make a donation to the band program (they can always use it!)

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    I am talking to the director tomorrow at school. We are planing to offer to pay them for thier time because they deserve it as muscian.

    I will know more after I talk to the band director
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