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Wedding ceremony help (modern bride).

I need a Prelude, processional, bridal entrance, and postlude song. I really want it to be modern. I love Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, Colbie Calliat, and Jack Johnson. Ideas, please? Thank you.

Re: Wedding ceremony help (modern bride).

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    Are you looking for songs with words or instrumentals?
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    I'm in the same boat! I just posted my own thread about this...too funny!

    But I am just walking down to one of the traditional songs (here comes the bride or canon in the d) but some of my options for my bridal party entrace is "angel" by Jack Johnson (awesome for you to walk down to)... "Somewhere over the Rainbow" by Israel K. (another awesome one for you to walk down to) and "Marry Me" by Train (more for the bridal party song to walk down to, not you).

    Let me know what you decide! What song did you pick for after "I Do/Kiss" (exit song)??? I can't pick one!
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    Oh! One of my options for the exit song is "I Do" by Colbie Callait because we want it to be fun but I just can't decide (just in case you didn't pick one yet)  =D
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