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Wedding Party Dance

We're planning to do a WP dance. My WP is mostly married or otherwise involved with people who are either not in the WP or they aren't walking down the aisle together. So I was thinking I'd rather do a fun song for this dance, rather than a slow love song. My first thought was The Safety Dance by Men without Hats, but I'm thinking that's not going to be real easy to dance to.

Suggestions? What are you using for yours (if you're doing one)

Thanks :)
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Re: Wedding Party Dance

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    I was at two weddings this past year that had the WP dance to "You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story.  It was a little on the cheesy side but it was easy to dance to and it isn't a love song. 

    Though it may defeat the purpose of a dedicated WP dance, have you considered just letting everyone dance with their own sig. o?  Then you can pick whatever song you want.  Good luck!
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    Love the idea of letting everybody dance with their own partners/dates!
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    I'm forgoing the wedding party dance and instead doing a couples dance. I can't imagine my sister having to dance with his brother, my friend having to dance with his friend, etc. Talk about awkward. I'd rather just invite everyone up to the dance floor so its voluntary.
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