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Reception Entry Songs

We are having a short clip of a song played to introduce each couple from the wedding party (so one bridesmaid and one groomsmen). We have 5 people on each side, so outside of ourselves, 5 songs (not making the flowergirls and ring bearers wait and enter like that, they are quite young, so the ceremony is enough for them).

I am having a 'man of honor' so we are thinking of Its Raining Men for the Man of Honor and Best Man, but no ideas outside of that... ideas anyone?

Re: Reception Entry Songs

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    I think the raining men is a really funny and cute idea. Outside of that, maybe you could pick the songs based on the personalities of each couple coming out? Or ask their input?
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    we are also doing one song for the BMs and one for the GMs

    BM - - "where them girls at" - David Guetta
    GM - - "break your heart" - Taio Cruz
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    i'm doing this as well, but i'm letting them all pick their songs so they can have fun with it and show their individuality. 
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