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Cross-post: Steel Drum players

I posted this on the local Outer Banks forum, but I figured I would cast a wide net.

My fiance and I are getting married in a little more than a month (holy crap!) and at the last minute, we've discovered that our original music plan for the ceremony isn't going to work. (We're getting married on the beach outside of our rental home.)

As an alternative, we want to get a steel drum player for the ceremony, but we're having trouble finding one. I've seen lots of recommendations for the One Love band, but I e-mailed them last week and have gotten no response, and have called them, only to find out that their voicemail box is full. I also contacted Minsky at Hear Steel Drums Play, but he'd have to travel all the way from Charlotte.

Anyone have any other recommendations for steel drum players? (p.s. -- our wedding is on a Monday.)

Re: Cross-post: Steel Drum players

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    Where is your wedding? My sister and her boyfriend know many, many people in the steel drum community as they have a steel drum band -  but it is in VT! too far to travel to Maryland - but they might know of someone...
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