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name that song?

I cannot remember the name or artist of the song I want for our first dance.  It is an instrumental from the 50s or 60s, and it sounds sort of Hawaiian.  My mom thought it was by Conway Twitty, but I heard it on my satellite radio months ago with another artist listed (possibly with John or Johnny in the grouo name).  I was driving and didn't pull over to write it down, and now I am kicking myself!  Please help me :)

Re: name that song?

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    Do you know a line of the lyrics or the chorus or anything?  Or is it entirely instrumental?  If it's instrumental then I am no more help, that is hard information to go off of!
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    Is it Sleepwalker by Johhny and Santo? I would attach a youtube link but I'm at work right now and it's restricted. But I have a gut feeling that might be the song you're talking about.

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    Girl from Ipanema?
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