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Opinions about this song?

Me and my FI are not agreeing on the first dance song he wants "when the stars go blue by tim mcgraw and i want etta james "at last", he is insisting that his song be the first dance song and we do mine as the last song. Opinions? is this really a first dance song?

Re: Opinions about this song?

  • cukimerrydollcukimerrydoll member
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    IMO, I agree with your FH.  "At Last" has a great finishing edge to it.
  • kls114kls114 member
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    I personally like At Last but you two have to love it & be on the same page.

    Maybe pick one song you both love & then incorporate the other two songs at some point throughout the wedding.
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    I have to agree with your FI.  At Last is a fantastically emotional send off at the end of the night.
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  • JenS711JenS711 member
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    What if you guys do one of the chosen songs as the bridal party dance? My FI and I decided on Moon river for our first dance and for the bridal party dance we are using the kiss ballad he wanted for our first dance.
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  • maybe984maybe984 member
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    I personally think that "When the Stars Go Blue" would be a fantastic first dance... and "At Last" is a very cute last song... so unless you absolutely hate his song, I'd go for it.

    If you're not crazy about his song, I might recommend checking out the other versions of it. Ryan Adams wrote and performed the original version, and it's been covered by TONS of artists like the Corrs (with Bono), Tyler Hilton, and more that I don't even remember.

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