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classic music again??

I son't really want clssic music for my own wedding... But rock style or proper is not my parents type... Ahhhh~~~~
How can i balance this ?

Re: classic music again??

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    You can wait to worry about it until later for one. Your wedding is in 2014. My wedding is in 8 months and I haven't picked out what music I'm using other than to know it will be performed by a string trio. Slow down.  You have plenty of time to figure this out.
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    Dear Jenny98765,

    We at Arioso Strings in the Twin Cities often get clients who are in the same predicament! 

    Our suggestion to brides is that you can have your musicians perform both classical AND popular.  It would be fun to have guests arrive to the sounds of Coldplay, U2, Frank Sinatra or Beatles and then have you, the bride walk down the aisle to something more elegant like Vivaldi's Largo from Winter (Four Seasons). You can also mix it up throughout the ceremony.  Maybe you have something classical as guests are arriving to please family and then your ceremony is all about you---a fun popular mix.  Let me know if you need any ideas--we're happy to help!

    Arioso Strings serves the Minneapolis/St. Paul area in Minnesota and will be up running on The Knot this week!  Check us out at

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