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How much DJ experience?

Would you consider hiring a DJ for your reception if they hadn't done a wedding before, but other events like graduation parties, etc? 

Fiance and I met with a husband/wife DJ team that have been in business about a year. They were very upfront with us that they haven't worked a wedding before, but said that they were hoping to get into gigs like that in 2013. (Our wedding is next summer, by the by.)

I got a good feeling from them, and they didn't seem like the kind of DJs who would be obnoxious or disrespectful. They have some great planning tools on their website (which the fiance likes), and we did ask them if they were comfortable MCing, which they said they had done at other events.

Not gonna lie, part of me is thinking it might be cool to give them their break in the wedding industry. And I'm OK working with them a bit more to explain how we want the reception to be structured. But maybe in my early wedding planning naivete, thinking "how different can a wedding gig be?" attitude is out of place. Hoping for some Knottie thoughts and/or DJ stories to help us with our decision!
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Re: How much DJ experience?

  • I like that you get a good vibe from them and I think it's cool you could give them their break into weddings. Do they maybe have any upcoming events you could go to to see them work before you make your decision?
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    We actually met them while they were doing a low-key gig for a car dealership. Which isn't really the same thing at all, they just had music playing while the dealer's "customer appreciation day" was going on, but we got to see their equipment. One of their graduation party clients gave a rave review, so feel like that counts for something as well. 

    Fiance and I are still planning to meet with more experienced DJs to see what they're like, for sure.  
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