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Acoustic song ideas.....

I need acoustic song ideas for the bridal party to walk down to  that will tie in with my song. I will be walking down to Phoenix - Playground Love

I dont want something super sappy and bc my song is scoustic guitar, I would prefer to stick with the acoustic guitar!! Suggestions please!! 

I have been trying to search for a while now, but b/c of my work hours, its so hard to find the time and the wedding is next Saturday!! I'm so behind with this!! 
All my other songs are pretty much chosen though :)
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Re: Acoustic song ideas.....

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    Maybe "Sea of Love" in the style of Cat Power (you can find a copy of it on the Juno movie soundtrack--seems like it would fit with the tone of your other songs and would sound fantastic (plus be easy) for acoustic guitar
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    Lindsay thank you!!! It's like you knew exactly what I was looking for!! I've heard this song and for some reason it was just lost in the back of my mind! I went through my whole iPod and couldn't find what I was looking for, that song is PERFECT!!!
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