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Instead of father/daughter...

My uncle and I are extremely close so he will give me away and dance instead of my father. The problem is, I don't actually know what song(s) to use. I'm six kinds of stuck so all help is appreciated!

A few things:
- Spanish is OK (we're Mexican).
- We both like alternative/rock.
- I also like folk rock/indie (The Avett Brothers, the Vespers, etc).
- My dad WILL be present.

Re: Instead of father/daughter...

  • im doing a dance with my  uncle too, my dad passed away a little over 6 months ago. But were doing my wish by rascal flatts.

  • Is there a band in particular that yall both like?? I will be dancing with my mom instead of my dad and I literally sat down with my iTunes, and made a playlist of bands we both love, and then listened to them until i found something that fit.
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