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DJ for Ceremony??

I am hiring a DJ for the reception, but am unsure if I should hire him for the ceremony, as well? Is there another way we could play the ceremony music and have someone we know play it, or will that just be a nightmare?? Our wedding is on a golf course resort outside looking over the lake.

Re: DJ for Ceremony??

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    We had our DJ do the ceremony music for our beach wedding.  It was easier than trying to rent sound equipment and then get someone to work the music.  We didn't have to pay much extra for that either, i think only $100 or so.  I would ask the DJ how much more he would charge and see what you can get him for.
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    I am having my DJ do the music for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. I didn't want to have to worry about another vendor or contract. So I'm just having him do it all. HTH!
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    I agree, having your DJ do the ceremony can save you working with yet another vendor. I just went to a wedding where they  had a friend playing an acoustic guitar and I really liked that as well. It went smoothly for them and gave it a softer more personal touch! 

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    Thanks ladies!!
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