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Popular Cover Songs?

We are having a bluegrass/Americana band at our reception, and they asked me for some songs for them to play...and I am completely blanking. So what are some popular cover songs you've enjoyed and any that you would stay away from?
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Re: Popular Cover Songs?

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    what genres do you enjoy or want at your wedding? That might help narrow it down. 
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    FI really likes a lot of the music from the 60's and 70's.  We really aren't picky, and love a lot of the stuff from the 50's up to now- so I know that that doesn't really narrow it down. 
    I think my problem is I know more about what I don't want played than what I do. 
    All I have so far is Pride and Joy, Wagon Wheel,  and Rocky Top, because no Tennessee wedding is complete without it- ha!

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