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What do you think of these bouquet and garter toss songs?

I know I just posted another message on this board, but I had a totally different question, so I thought I'd give it it's own post :)

So FI and I thought of a couple of songs that we thought would be really fun/funny for our bouquet and garter toss songs and we wanted some feedback, but if we use these songs, FI really wants them to be a funny kind of "surprise" at the wedding, so he doesn't want to ask anyone that's coming to the wedding what they think. So, he asked me if I could go ask "the message board people" hehe.

For the bouquet toss, we were thinking "Girls" by The Beastie Boys. We went all through high school listening to this song, and although I know the lyrics can be a little degrading, most of the girls in my circle think it's a funny song. But I told FI if we use it, we'd need to find a song that was on an equal level for the guys for the garter toss, or "Girls" would just come across as really degrading rather than the "funny" we are going for. So he suggested "It's Raining Men" by The Weather Girls. We were both cracking up when we thought of this, and I think everyone at our wedding would get a good laugh, too, but we were just wondering if there is some element we're not thinking of, or if it's really just not as funny as we're envisioning.

If anyone has other suggestions for the songs, the vibe we're going for is unique and fun - we're just tired of hearing "Single Ladies" after hearing it for every bouquet toss we've seen for the past three years!

Re: What do you think of these bouquet and garter toss songs?

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    I'm not a fan of bouquet and garter tosses at all, but I think "It's raining men" sounds hilarious.  Go for it!

    As for "Girls," I'm in the camp who think it's degrading...if your friends like it, fine, but are there going to be other people at the wedding (your grandma, or whatever) who will be offended?  If not, I guess do what makes you happy?  I agree that "Single Ladies" is painfully overused.  :)
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    Thanks for the feedback. That is kind of my fear with using "Girls" is that if my Grandma is actually wearing her hearing aids, she might be slightly offended. 

    I know a lot of people aren't fans of the bouquet and garter toss, but they are extremely common where I am (I think I've been to maybe one wedding that didn't have them), and I'm not planning on letting FI pretend he's doing anything dirty under my dress when he goes to get the garter (I always hate seeing the FOB cringe when this happens, don't want to put my own dad through that!) Thanks for the honest feedback, I appreciate it!
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    I'm usng do wah diddy for the bouquet toss and my fiancé is using the theme to Monday Night Football for garter (he is also wrapping the garter around a football to toss it)!!!
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    I think those are both great choices! They are actually both already on the list I'm considering.
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