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Father / Daughter Dance Songs - Advice Needed

Hello all - I have been finalizing my playlist this week and one of the few songs I have left to nail down is the father/daughter dance. I have a strange relationship with the man I call "dad". He is actually my step dad, and to make things weirder he and my birth mother have been divorced for the last 12 years now. So needless to say, I'm not terribly close to my "dad". On the OTHER HAND... I do love my dad very much, he was like the 2nd or 3rd person I told about my wedding, and I knew I wanted him there to walk me down the aisle. He married my mother when I was only 1 or 2 years old. Until I was 13, I thought he actually was my real father until I found a photo of bio dad and inquired about it. He is the only father I have known or remembered and I have many memories of him. He remained with my mother until I was 18 and moved away for college, although for several years he lived overseas due to work. He now lives on the other side of the united states and I have not seen him in 6 or 7 years. We stay in touch via email but are not super close. We are affectionate and I do look up to him as a father figure. But we are not close-close like alot of fathers daughters... close enough that i want to dance, but i'm finding it hard to find songs that aren't about fathers watching over their daughters, watching them grow up, and what not. The memories i have about my father include fishing, boating, fireworks, camping, sporting events, and being read to at night. I was thinking maybe of Katy Perry's Firework. My dad loved fireworks and would always set off many and invite the neighbors and friends and what not. We'd also go to alot of firework displays and shows each year. I also don't think the song is overly played or overly romantic. while I'm leaning towards the idea of this song, I'd like to hear other suggestions. :) thanks!

Re: Father / Daughter Dance Songs - Advice Needed

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