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How to do Music from an Mp3?

We are on a tight budget so my fiance and I are doing our music for the wedding from music we download to an mp3.  We will have our ceremony music (including prelude, Groom's entrance, Bridal Party entrance, and Bride's entrance), plus music during dinner, the first dance song, father/daughter song, mother/son song, and then party music.  My question is, how do we keep the music flowing during the day?  Do we assign someone to man the music during the ceremony and reception, according to the timing of events?  I don't like the idea of asking a guest to do so much work during the wedding but we can't afford to pay somebody to do it.  Any suggestions?
Thank you!

Re: How to do Music from an Mp3?

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    I think you will need someone to man the ipod. The only way I can see getting around this is if you put all your songs your using for the day in a playlist. But then again you would still need someone to stop/start songs. Because your entrance song won't be long enough for a whole song. If you can't afford to hire someone then you will have to ask someone. There's really no other option. If you have a neighbor kid who knows how to work an ipod. Pay him/her $20-$30 and a snack for the day to be in charge of the music. HTH!
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    I agree with cmp.

    Also, whatever the speakers involved are, those systems can be tricky. If you're plugging into your venue's system, I'd have the neighbor kid with you when they show you how.
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