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My song to him

This is a silly question I know. But I have found the hardest part of this planning is selecting a song to play for him before we say our vows. I was listening to my IPOD & heard a song that brought tears to my eyes. I knew that was the one. But theres one problem. Its by a guy & it says girl in it twice. Is this gonna be a big problem? I've told him this without telling him which song it was. He didnt have a problem with. I just worry what everyone else will think.

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    You are right, that is one of the hardest parts.  It just depends, me personally I over think things so I would pay attention but most people would not.  They will just think the song is beautiful.  I am having the BM walk into a song that shows how I feel about him but I wanted my entrance song to reflect how he felt about me.  So a guy is singing it. 
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    I don't see why it matters.  It's about the sentiment.  People will get that.  There are a lot of songs that have been covered by artists of the opposite sex, and it works because the "he" or "she" part is unimportant in relation to the rest of the lyrics.
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