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"ipod wedding"

Any one doing this or do you think it will be a total disaster?
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Re: "ipod wedding"

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    I went to a wedding that had a harpist for the ceremony and an iPod for the reception. It worked fine as far as I was concerned as a guest. Only one non-bridal party couple danced (my now-fiance and me), but I don't know how much of that was the guests, the music, the lack of a real dance floor (The reception was on decks), or the bride & groom's intention.

    Most weddings I attend have an amateur DJ controlling the music with his laptop. Those work out great, and he, always a friend of the couple, does get to take breaks and dance a bit himself.

    Remember you'll want a microphone for announcing the bridal party and for toasts. You can't just have an iPod and speakers.
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    thanks for your input :) I have had some say it's THE wosrt idea ever & other say it's perfectly fine..luckily we already have access to sound equipment my FI's best girl is in a band & FI worked in audio visual for years, I am just nervous!
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    I'm also planning on using a ipod. We aren't big dancers anyway and are planning a very laid back reception. Before hand my brother and I are going to load up a special playlist with songs.  One perk of doing it this way is you get to control exactly what gets played, which you might not with a band or dj. And it can be just set-it and forget-it at the reception, so everyone can just enjoy the party.
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    I am doing this too, our venue has a system in we can just plug into and a microphone if we need one.  My state typically has open-house buffet style receptions so it's very common place to not have a DJ. 

    My hardest thing is picking what songs to go on the playlist!

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    we are using an IPOD plugged into the venues sound system....we are filling it with the Vitamin String Quartet's versions of our favorite rock and pop songs!

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    toothpaste - this is what we are doing for our cocktail hour!Smile
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    We'll probably use a cello player for the ceremony (my friend offered), then iPod music for the background and the after dinner dancing.  If she didn't offer, I'd probably look into hiring a lone guitarist.  Something about live music for the ceremony...

    I don't plan to have a full on mother/son dance, father/daughter dance or first dance.  Just for people (Mainly my sisters) to busta move when they feel like it.  I'll have it organized into play lists (cocktail hour, dinner music, dance lists).

    The venue comes with an iPod docking station and speakers thankfully!
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