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Eclectic playlist

My husband and I were a couple of punk rockers when we met ten years ago.  We're renewing our vows and have decided to throw in some eclectic choices: Tom Waits, the Descendents, Weezer, Rocket from the Crypt, Reverend Horton Heat, etc, as well as the likes of Chuck Berry, the Beatles, Sinatra, and some classical music.  We are *not* into pop music at all.  I hope that people will feel free to dance to this music.  We are really pretty set on our playlist.  We did throw in a few oldies that everyone loves.  The song I'm going to dance to with my dad is Midnight Lullaby by Tom Waits.  It's just such a beautiful song. 

Re: Eclectic playlist

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    Did you hire a DJ? If so, tell him that you're not sure if your guests will dance to your playlist.  If you're open to it, tell him that if people aren't dancing to start playing music that will get them on the dance floor.  Any good DJ will know what these songs will be.  Have a short list of "must play songs" in the event this happens and you want to make sure the songs you love get played -- regardless of guest participation.

    I think as long as they have a good beat, you should be fine. 
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    Hey, thanks for your response.  I think that's the general consensus.  Strip it down to "must plays" for us and pepper in some other stuff to get everyone else dancing. 
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