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Combining traditional with current music?

Hi ladies,

We've written our own non-religious ceremony, from top to bottom.  We're being married by a friend at the planetarium and the ceremony is pretty traditional, with readings from "The Art of Marriage" etc...and some light moments thrown in by our very funny officiant.

My question is this:  My mom wants to be seated to "Wedding at Troldhaugen" by Edvard Greig which is a very traditional instrumental piece.  I was originally planning on traditional music for the Processional and for my entrance (you know, "Canon in D" and Wagner's "Bridal Chorus."  After much thought, I think it's too 'churchy' for our non-religious, non-church wedding so I'm thinking of using Rascal Flatts "Here" and John Barry's "Will You Marry Me?" instead. 

Do you think those two songs will make mom's song seem out of place?  Or will no one notice the change in music style?  We're also having a vocalist/guitarist do a couple songs during the ceremony:  Nick Drake's "Northern Sky" and Paul Simon's "Something So Right." 

I'm thinking I need to change mom's song, but don't want to disappoint her...what do you think?


Re: Combining traditional with current music?

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    I say you make her a mix of un named songs, but you know the name and tell her to pick the one she likes best and see if she picks something other than the one she wants. As for contempary music in the cermony I am walking down the isle to Over the Hills and Far Away by Led Zeppelin and all of our music is a mix of 70's and indi rock. I know my mother will not be super pleased but it is Charlie and my's wedding and not hers. I guess you could consider how much your parents are putting into the wedding. If my parents were paying for my wedding I would let them have more input but sense they are not I feel it's my choice.
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    I think that giving your mom a mix of unnamed songs is a great idea as well! But if she's dead set on that song you have to consider what is more important to you in this situation..making her happy or playing a song you want. I don't think its weird at all to mix contemporary and traditional music at all though. As long as you are do it casually without drastic changes, then you should be fine! Check out this blog for music ideas! They have posts on choosing your music carefully and song ideas :)
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    You want the music to have a similar feel. I went to a wedding recently where the recessional was Pachelbel's Canon in D arranged and played by a trio of heavy metal guitarists.  

    The processional was the traditional Bridal March on an organ.  The similiarity in theme gave both pieces a similar feel while still providing a unique glimspe into the lives of the bridal couple.
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    This may work for you - it is called "What I Want You to Know" by JKD. 
    It's on iTunes (here's the link to preview it)

    I believe it was actually written by a dad for his daugther for her wedding day.
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