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Music to be played durring a Brunch Reception

Hi All,
We had the misfortune of having our venue double booked on our date after save the dates had been sent and invites were in the works. Because of this, we are now having a morning ceremony and brunch reception. At first we weren't too please, but it turns out wewill be saving alot of money!

Anyway, since we won't be dancing we are going to skip the dj and use the venues sound system to hook up the ipod. I need music ideas for background music while people are mingling and eating. I have a list of some classic jazzy type music and I want to keep it mellow, however I'm a country bumpkin to the core and he is a metal head so we want to incorporate some of our taste too. So I guess suggestions on  some fun music that can still be mellow enough in the background and keep our style a little bit in the mix??

Any ideas or maybe good wedding albums on iTunes would be great! Thanks!

Re: Music to be played durring a Brunch Reception

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    edited December 2011
    You might want to consider some of the following:

    Dave Brubeck
    George Benson
    Michael Bubble

    Good luck!
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