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First dance idea...PLEASE give me your opinions!!!

My fiance and I have decided that we'd like to do something a little different for our first dance. Keep in mind we NEVER dance/have no rhythm lol and this will totally throw our guests off because it will be so unexpected. My DJ is putting the mix together for us and we have a dance coordinator working with us to make sure we get everything down. I keep having second thoughts about doing this since it is so out of my usual comfort zone and all eyes will be on us! Please give me your honest opinions and let me know what you think!!!!

Re: First dance idea...PLEASE give me your opinions!!!

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    More than anything, you need to feel comfortable in what you are going to do.  You're right, in that all eyes will be on you because that is definitely true.  Therefore, I would probably pick something that is meaningful and fun, but something that I am comfortable with.  I have seen that video a few times and yeah it's funny...but it isn't necessarily "you".  You and your fiance need to know if that is truly what you want to do and if so, go for it!  Regardless, your guests will have a great time and will just enjoy watching your first dance (whether it is a traditional slow song or funny mix).
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    My honest opinion is that dances like that are pretty dumb. I feel like people who do stuff like that are either only trying to see how many views they can get on YouTube or trying to get people to tell them how cool and original they are.
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    I agree with PP you need to make sure you're comfortable esp if it's not something that you would normally do. I am doing a dance number with my bridesmaids, but we are literally doing the Just Dance Wii game moves to the song. It's kind of a joke because we all like the game, and I love the song we picked... we found ourselves out on a saturday night doing the dance in the bar when the song came on... so just kind of a spoof on wedding dances... I think they are the best when no one sees them coming. I've never been to a wedding with a surprise dance so I say go for it!
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