Alternative bride trying to decide on music...

Hi guys,
I had originally planned on just creating an ipod playlist myself for my wedding reception as my fiance and I are not big dancers and didn't want to emphasize that aspect. Now, however, I'm thinking that having dancing would (obviously) make the reception more fun for our guests. The only thing I worry about is the music selection and cost. I am looking for relatively inexpensive options while keeping our style in mind. I want the music to be crowd-pleasing but not sound like a Seaside club. This leads me to think a band might be a better and potentially unique sound, but I also don't want the vibe to be too dated. Can anyone recommend an option that would walk the line between classic and modern? I know I can guide DJs to our style in music but I have been to too many weddings with really obnoxious, cheesy DJs and it makes me nervous. Any guidance would be appreciated!!
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