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Aare you supposed to tip the Dj at the end of the night or is all of that part of the contracted fee?


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    Aquarian342Aquarian342 member
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    Is the DJ part of your reception venue, or did you book them separately?

    Our DJ has his own business so we're prob going to courtesy tip him like $25-$50 on top of what he's charging us (giving us a discount cuz he's friends with my aunt's boyfriend) depending on how everything goes.  I've heard that it is customary to tip a DJ if they did a good job, but it is not necessary (not like with gratuity charges and delivery tipping, etc).  If there are like two people who work for the DJ service who show up but dont own the business, I've read it's customary to tip each person like $10-$20 depending on how well they did obviously.

    I think the general rule on tipping is if someone does an outstanding job, you should prob tip them to show your courtesy, or at the very least a hand-written thank you note is always appreciated if tipping is not necessary.  When it comes to all-inclusive stuff like banquet food/venue/bartender, etc, if they already are charging you a gratuity or service fee on top of your bill then tipping is not necessary.
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    cmp1986cmp1986 member
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    If he is not being booked through your venue and he does any awesome job, I say yes. My DJ owns the company and as long as he rocks it, I'll be giving him a tip.
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