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Anyone use The Pros?

The Pros are a national company that has DJs, videographers, and photographers all over the country...did any of you use them? If so, what were your overall thoughts?

Re: Anyone use The Pros?

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    edited December 2011

    I was approached to work for THE PROS at a DJ convention.  Their business plan is simple.  Sell everything as a package and sell it for as little as possible.  They are not the actual performers.  They subcontract their services.  They offer a "flat fee service" to DJ's.

    From my side, as an established DJ, it didn't make sense to go with them.  HOWEVER...  from your side, they are very cost effective and you could get lucky and get an awesome DJ... or just a mediocre DJ.  Unfortunately, there's no QA with their service.  It's more of a roll of the dice.

    Good luck!

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