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how to pick father/daughter dance

Is everyone picking the songs or are people asking for suggestions from your fathers??
I have no idea which song to use, and so of the "classic" songs used for the father/daughter dance I feel like I want my dads imput as to which song he wants to dance to also. Or is it supposed to be more of a "surprise" song????
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Re: how to pick father/daughter dance

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    I've known for a few years which song I would like to dance to with my dad from a childhood memory of dancing in the living room with him.  We went to lunch this past week and had a wedding discussion and this is one item we talked about and I asked for his approval. Of course my dad said yes and I think he was quite surprised/happy with my selection. We will be dancing to "Harvest Moon" by Neil Young.

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    I have always been such a daddy's girl, so this was a big one for us. We ended up chosing 'I Loved Her First' which is a country song and not exactly our style, but my dad wanted to use it. Just over halfway through we danced to "Twist," "YMCA," "Cotton-Eyed Joe," "Grease Lightening," "Proud Mary" and "Stayin Alive." Then we finished the last minute of "I Loved Her First." This was actually my dad's idea because he wanted to add a little fun into it because for one that's just who we are and two because he was afraid he would cry otherwise. It's seem very original these days to do that but we pulled it off perfectly and it was fun and it was the perfect father/daughter dance for us. 
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