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Timing music for processional

How does the DJ time the music for the bride's entrance and party's entrance to the ceremony?

My aisle isnt that long so I am concerned that my bridal party (3 bridesmaids and 1 flowergirl) will get to the alter quickly and then their song will still be playing. Does the DJ just let their song finish up and then I'd walk out?? Also, if I get to the alter before my song runs out, do we just stand there and wait for the song to end before getting started with the rest of the ceremony?

Also for the seating of the mothers--is there supposed to be music playing when they walk?

The song I want for my bridal party is about 3 mins and 30 secs. The song I want is about 2.5 minutes.

Re: Timing music for processional

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    This is what rehearsals are for.

    The seating of the mothers is the signal that the wedding is REALLY about to start. I'm inclined to say it should be the one part without music. So the prelude that's played while other guests are seated ends. Silence. Hush. Mothers are seated. Then the bridal party's processional.

    At the rehearsal, you should time how long the bridal party's processional takes. Then tell them to start at that point in their song which will get everyone to the altar with only a few extra bars of the song. (If your DJ isn't attending the rehearsal, bring a portable stereo with your wedding music.)

    Then do the same thing for your entrance. Come in in the middle of the song, if necessary. Don't have your DJ cut the songs off. Instead, let them play for several seconds before you start processing.

    But if your DJ is attending the rehearsal, do whatever the DJ and minister say is best. They're the professionals.
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