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Not sure about this song

I'm thinking about dancing with my dad to "Lean on Me". It has a special meaning to us, but I'm not sure about the tone of the lyrics, as the first line talks about pain and sorrow. Do you think it's ok, or that I should pick a more up-beat song?

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Re: Not sure about this song

  • I think it's a fine choice for a father daughter dance. I wouldn't worry about the lyrics too much, they are certainly not inappropriate or obscene, and people will be focused on watching you and your dad have a sweet moment together. I picked a non traditional FD dance song too and it was a big hit. If you love it and it has meaning for you and your dad, go for it!
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  • That's the whole point of the have someone to lean on when the troubled times comes, and your father shall certainly be that stronghold for you. I think it's a great song for a father/ daughter dance. As someone else had mentioned, don't worry about the lyrics much. People will remember your dance, not so much the words to the song. 

    Congratulations :)
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