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Anyone using the Country Music Genre as their main music choice?

Just curious if anyone else is using Country Music as the main music choice for their wedding?  If so, are you making your own playlist or having the DJ choose?
We are using Country and a little bit of Rock, but the fiance is customizing his playlist because he is very particular on what music is being played.

Re: Anyone using the Country Music Genre as their main music choice?

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    Im doing the same and having a hard time finding a DJ that plays that type of music!
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    We are making our own playlist and it's being used mainly for background music because we aren't having dancing. There will be a small area for our first dance and if any of the kids or anyone want to dance they can. I have a feeling me and my bridesmaids will be out there because we all love to dance! But I didn't want to focus on dancing since my fiance doesn't like to dance and I didn't want to have us seperat the whole reception. But we are having mainly country because I am a country girl. And also rock because we both love rock. But our reception is in a barn so it fits to have the country music.
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    Heck ya we are!  We are having a country wedding in a field, we're all wearing cowboy boots and having the reception at a rural community hall.

    Luckily we found our dj through a friend's recommendation and they specialize in country music.  Our DJ warned us against specifying too much on the playlist because if the crowd isn't responding well to it, it doesn't give them as much flexibility to play songs to get people dancing.  So we have our 'must play' songs, and 'nice to play'.  We are also trying to use country songs throughout the wedding and reception that will liven it up a bit.  For our 'bridal party entrance' to the hall we are using Dolly Parton's "Marry Me" (very upbeat bluegrass) and then for our bridal party dance I'm thinking a song called "Time to Switch to Whiskey" by Corb Lund which is a very popular country/gluegrassy band/song up here to get people moving.  Same with our cake-cutting song, trying to get people interested and in the mood from the music.  We are also going to play some rock and dance music too, but not as specific with those. 
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