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Thoughts on possible first dance song?

My fiance is really, really into music, and we want something for our first dance that hasn't been done to death. We both really love the Avett Brothers, and I LOVE the song January Wedding for our first dance...the only problem is we are getting married in August, not January. Do you think it matters? I think I might feel silly dancing to it at the wrong time of year!

Re: Thoughts on possible first dance song?

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    Use it if you like it.  No one is going to start yelling "STOP THE MUSIC! STOP THE MUSIC! THIS IS AN AUGUST WEDDING -- NOT JANUARY!"  :)  Most people don't pay attention to the lyrics during the special dances.  They're either watching you dance or chit chatting.
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    A friend of mine used January Wedding for her processional song and they got married in May. It didn't matter that it wasn't January. The song was perfect and had a lot of the guests smiling.
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    I'm using Gracie by Ben Folds for my father/daughter dance, and my name is not Grace. . .  No one will notice!  Just go with it!
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    At Last by Etta James.....LOVE!!!
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    We're dancing to "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri. :)
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    Hey All!! Can you help give Ideas on first wedding song? Not wanting anything traditional, I've been looking and listening, but thought I'd ask if anyone thinks of sumthing please post. 

           Lay it out there, options are GREAT!! Please help if you can, Thank YOU!!!

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