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I hate country....

But while talking to my future sister in law, she made insisted that i absolutely must play some country music at my reception becuase that's what her whole family grew up on. It doesnt seem to be too much of an issue for my fiance, though do to him being away at the moment, we havev't really gotten to discuse it in detail. Im torn on what to do. I hate country( its like nails on a chalk board to me) and my family cant stand the stuff either. But do i compromise and play a few songs just because s.i.l wants me to?

Re: I hate country....

  • I feel your pain sister, I HATE country music and so does my FI. Unfortnately most of FI's side enjoys it and I plan on playing a few songs during the reception just for them to enjoy. I'll probably be downing shots during that time to distract me though ha ha ha! Our main dances will be classic rock.

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  • Could you play some "not so country sounding" country? Like Lady Antabellum or Taylor Swift???? I hate country, but those are tolerable if you MUST play something....then at least they can have a couple country songs without you wanting to run for the nearest saloon?

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  • My advice is to play whatever gets your guests out on the dance floor.  You could do a couple of country songs -- one slow and one fast.  "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" seems to go over well with crowds.  If your guests want more country, they can request it.  However, I would tell your DJ to be picky about the requests.  A couple of our guests made requests that totally cleared the dance floor and they were country songs.  I think at that point, my DJ knew not to play everything that was requested.
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  • This is an easy compromise to make. FI HATES country and I love. We compromised that while guests were seated we'd play country, he doesn't have to listen to and there will be some random songs like T.Swift (requested by a GM lol) playing during the reception and it's not a big deal to him. The only thing we said was no rap, we both can't stand it, and I said NOOOOOOOOOOO Love Shack by the B-52s lol. I H-A-T-E that song. But if people listen to it, you should throw it in there. Eveyone should have a good time no matter what they listen to.
  • Thanks everyone. I'm thinking what I Might do is have the dj announce that we will be playing songs that represent each family. Well do a few country songs to for his fam and a few salsa songs since I'm Hispanic. If they want the mother son dance to a country song that's totally fine because I know that is their special moment.
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