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HELP--When should the band play?

I'm DIY my wedding and really need some advice about when I should have the band kick off.

Our event is outdoors in the mountains, and we have an acoustic bluegrass quartet coming to jam. For the reception they will be playing two 45 minute sets. My problem is to decide when to have them play the sets (ipod will be supplementing time between playing and after the band finishes)

Schedule is as follows
--Cocktail/ Hors D'oeurves hour
--Dinner Served (guessing an hour)
--Dessert/ toasting
--Then try to kick off dancing

The other thing I am trying to keep in mind is how long does everyone REALLY want to do some silly bluegrass dancing before you start saying to yourself "oooooook lets start some actual SONGS on the ipod"

SO- when would you have them play the 2 sets in the schedule?....want to keep a fun atmosphere...Thanks ahead for your help (I NEED IT!)

Re: HELP--When should the band play?

  • I love the idea of a bluegrass band! I'm sure that is going to be a lot of fun. As far as when to have the band play vs. iPod, I like Boots suggestion.  I wouldn't worry too much about people getting tired of the band, two 45 minute sets isn't that bad, and gives everyone time to mingle, eat and let their food settle down before serious (iPod) dancing. :)
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  • I know this is an old post, but THANK YOU for posting this because I'm having the exact same problem with trying to figure that out for our bluegrass band versus iPod music.  I feel a little more confident now! 
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