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Have any of you been to a wedding with an organ? The church I am getting married at has one, but I am worried it might be too formal or not "pretty". Any opinions?
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Re: Organ?

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    phillychica85phillychica85 member
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    Have you heard the organ being played before? Is it kept in good condition? What is the size of it? The reason I asked those things is that so much can matter on the type/size of the organ not to mention the person playing it.

    My cousin had her wedding at her local chuch-the organ was resonant of the church. Small, not a lot of "umpf." Not to mention, the organist was TERRIBLE! She made many noticeable mistakes when playing. (On a side note, my aunt, the bride's mother is a professional organist herself). But I got married at a gothic style cathedral which has a massive and gorgeous sounding pipe organ. The music was probably one of my favorite parts of the ceremony.

    I don't think organ music is ever too formal. I do know what you mean about it not being pretty (an eighty year old playing songs in a dreadully slow fashion), but I feel that has more to do with the person playing it, and the condition of the organ itself. If you feel the organ itself is good, but want a top knotch person to play it, I'd look into hiring an organist. There are enough good ones out there that can really make your day.

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    Maui, November 2011
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    The church in which we got married had one, however, it was a gothic style Catholic church, so the organ was in the choir loft, which no guest could see by just glancing up there. I don't think I would be worried about what it looks like, but rather the sound that comes out of it. You can always talk to your photographer ahead of time or have him/her edit the pics if you don't want the organ in your pics.
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    naomikbnaomikb member
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    "Too formal or not 'pretty'" - do you mean in regards to the sound of the organ or the look of the organ?

    Is there also a piano?  Our church has both an organ and a piano and we will have some music on the piano and some on the organ as appropriate.  Also if it is a big church the sound from the organ will carry better than the piano, particularly if the church is full with lots of people singing hymns.

    Go to a church service there and see how it sounds/looks.  And talk to the pastor to see if people usually use the organ or the piano, and talk to the organist to see what kind of music he/she generally plays to see if it suits what you want.
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