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father/daughter dance in wheelchair?

I want to have a father/daughter dance, but my dad is in a wheelchair.  Does anyone have any suggestions of how to go about it?  I have thought of sitting on his lap and have someone push us around or have me twirl him around.  Not sure how to go about it.  Thanks!

Re: father/daughter dance in wheelchair?

  • Sorry this doesn't directly answer your question. I was just wondering who is walking you down the aisle. I was at a wedding years ago where the bride pushed her father down the aisle in his wheelchair. I thought it was beautiful. That wedding was very unique. They didn't do a father/daughter dance. It would have been almost impossible at the venue. I know he is in a wheelchair, but s it completely for physical reasons? Is he able to offer any input as to what he would like?
  • I have two dads.  My biological dad will walk me down and my step dad will be at the end.  They will both give me away.  I was planning on having a dance with both dads, but am trying to figure out the wheelchair.  He had a stroke, and now has right side paralysis.  My mom and I are trying to come up with something.  Thank you!
  • I"m so sorry to hear about your father's stroke, you are so lucky to have him around for your wedding though!!  I know it might be a little awkward but you don't want to miss that moment with your dad so maybe you can just have him come on the dance floor with you and hold your hand while you sway and dance a little. Personally I would just play a little more upbeat song like My Girl and kind of dance and do a spin in front of him, making sure to hold his hand and keep him involved, then give him a hug and a kiss when the song is done. You can also ask your DJ to make the song shorter if you wanted to.
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