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Gil's vs. Celebrations Catering

Has anyone used Gil's or Celebration's Catering for their wedding?  We have met with both of them and have done tastings, but I am curious to hear your thoughts.  I am skeptical about the level of professionalism/presentation at Celebrations.  I would also like to hear your thoughts about quality of food at one vs. the other.  Our wedding will be at The Filter Building.  We initially thought we were going to do a buffet, but recently realized that we can do a plated dinner for about the same price.  Total guest count is about 160.

Thanks for your help!  

Re: Gil's vs. Celebrations Catering

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    Celebration is catering our RD and they have been wonderful so far.  I haven't dealt with them directly, but my FI was very impressed with them.  We love their food (they have a restaurant and make awesome take-and-bake dinners), and they gave FI the impression that the sky is the limit with regards to what they can serve.

    Hope that helps.  My coordinator looooves Gil's, so I know they are good, too.



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    Gil's is great! I've gone to 2 of their open houses (one at the Old Red Courthouse and one at the Dallas Arboretum), and both were incredible! I know they also run the kitchens at the Arboretum's terrace cafe and Restaurant DeGolyer. They are catering our wedding next summer, and they have been so professional and easy to work with. They were especially willing to work with our budget.  I've had numerous people recommend Gils (friends, our venue, our DJ, etc), so I don't think you can go wrong with them!
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    I am going with Gils  based on rave reviews from vendors and a couple of brides I know. and they have been so great to work with so far.  I will email a question and get a repsonse back within the hour.  I am very impressed! 
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