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Suggestions for a Los Angeles non-corny DJ?

We're looking for a no cheese DJ, who can MC but not talk a lot, has a todays style in music (there will be a big do not play list - Love Shack, We are Family, etc - big no no's) and has a more hip hop style but can play the good 80's music too (The Cure, etc.) Thank you! Meredith

Re: Suggestions for a Los Angeles non-corny DJ?

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    Try posting this on a local LA area board.  This board is international and we can't help with specific questions like this one.  I'm in NJ and don't know a thing about LA.
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    check out your local board and / or google
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    Thanks all! I thought I did post local, guess not!
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    I have a couple of suggestions for you:

    First of all, try the American DJ Association's web page.  They will have a list of very qualified DJ's in your area.  There are three different chapter that I know of, Santa Barbara/Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange County.

    Second, you might try one of the "specialty" web pages such as WeddingWire.com and/or wedj.com.  They will have HUGE referral options for you.

    I would love to offer you more assistance, but we're not allowed to give information about our business on this board.  If you have some questions, you can contact me directly and I'd be happy to assist you!
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