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Brother Dance? Help please! :)

When my parents got divorced 3 years ago, my dad stopped speaking to me.  Therefore, he will not be invited to the wedding.  Therefore, my younger brother will be "giving me away."  At the reception, we were going to skip the father/daughter dance thing (obviously) but FMIL would be devastated if she didn't get to be the center of attention for a few minutes dance with her son.  Therefore, it would make sense for me to dance with my brother. 

Can we combine the two and make it one dance?  Any suggestions on what to call that or what song to play?

If we do it seperately, what song do I dance with my brother to? 

Thank you!

Re: Brother Dance? Help please! :)

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    kls114kls114 member
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    If FMIL would freak out about not having their dance then keep it just them.

    I think it would be fine to dance with your Brother for your own seperate dance. I would suggestion a song that you talks about how your relationship is (serious, funny, etc) with your brother or a song that you two like.


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    Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin member
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    It is so sweet your brother is giving you away, you most certainly need your own time together on the dance floor.  I agree, pick something that suits your relationship with your brother.

    Have a great wedding!

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    healyl99healyl99 member
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    I had googled the same question and then came on here for help and from what I googled I saw "The way you look tonight" which is sweet.. and your brother does love you and the way you look tonight.. and google said it was a brother/bride dance.. google that and see if you can find that
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