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Song for my mom to sing to us!

I want my mom to sing at the ceremony. Originally I wanted to sing "In My Daughter's Eyes" but I am looking more for a song for her to sing to both me and my fiance, not just me.  Does anyone have any ideas of a song she could sing to us as a couple?

Re: Song for my mom to sing to us!

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    Are you very religious? I've played the cermony music for many weddings (piano & organ)

    The lord's prayer, is absolutely beautiful, especially if it'd come from your mother & it'd mean something to you both, at least I would think so.

    Also, "parent's prayer" is another, but I believe that's more a duet.  I'm pretty sure that's the name, some of the lyrics are "this is a mothers/ fathers prayer", talking about marriage and what not.

    Sorry I can't help more....
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    I absolutely love "I Hope You Dance" AMAZING song.

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    In Response to <a href=" Topic Wedding BoardsForum:29Discussion:ebfe96ca-f91e-4cfd-bd3e-c8f7bdc19da2Post:b964801f-dc54-4d86-a2c0-37fef1e18167">Re: Song for my mom to sing to us!</a>:
    [QUOTE]I absolutely love  "I Hope You Dance"  AMAZING song. HTH
    Posted by amberlynned[/QUOTE]

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