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brother/sister dance

we are hiring someone to do karaoke so people can have some fun... our theme is western and Dallas Cowboys... the Boys for my grandfather since he passed away last october and i'm dedicating this wedding to him... i know he would have loved it anyway.... i have most of my songs picked out, but can't figure out what song to dance to with my brother... over the years we have kinda grew apart, but ever since he got married, we started back together... he's the only sibling i have and i want a song that will grow together more..

Re: brother/sister dance

  • utegogglesutegoggles member
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    It was hard to read this with all the dots. 

    Why don't you ask him if he suggests anything before you ask strangers who don't know anything about your relationship with him.

    P.S. The karoake thing isn't big here, just a warning.
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    Im having the same problem Dagger. Some songs I have come across are like I am in love with my brother...gross. I do kinda like Carrie Underwoods- Whenever you Remember. My father is in and out of the picture, so to keep a sane mind I asked my older brother to give me away. I <3 country and my brother is 29 and <3's a good ol Tupac throw back lol....Kinda gives an example (I hope) of what wouldnt work. Any suggestions would be great!!  (:
  • mlg82mlg82 member
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    I have the same problem. My older brother is walking me down the aisle and I want to do a brother/sister dance in place of the father/daughter dance. My brother suggested Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N Roses. My sister in law is trying to talk him out of it. At first I thought it was too much rock, but it is our song. I've always thought Forever Young by Rod Stewart or My Wish by Fascal Flatts might work. You dance to a song that means something to the two of you, even if the song is too fast or doesn't necessarily fit your reception theme. Good luck!
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