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Recessional song help! September bride

I'm starting to stress about the ceremony music.  I keep thinking I have my mind set, then I start to question it. 

The seating of regular guests will just be a generic intrumental background music provided by the venue. 

The seating of the mothers and the bridal party procession will be the instrumental of You Look Wonderful Tonight. 

My bridal march is a traditional march.

I'm just stuck on the recessional song.  I keep reading we should have a fun upbeat song, but I'm not sure that's really us.  We are both quiet, shy people so I don't see us dancing down the aisle.  I don't want to use the stuffy traditional recessional music either.  Any suggestions?

Re: Recessional song help! September bride

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    What is a song that you both love?  

    We went atypical and used Rainbow Connection.   I have seen others use instrumentals, pop, rock etc.   As long as the two of you love it, it works. Some of the songs that I have seen are:

    All you need is love
    Signed, Sealed, Delivered"
    Hallelujah Chorus
    Ode to Joy
    Water Music
    In My Life
    I Do

    Surprisingly, picking the processional and recessional was the hardest thing for us to do.  Congratulations and breathe.  You will have a beautiful wedding that is uniquely your own.
  • Our recessional is I'm Yours by Jason Mraz.... it just seems like such a happy, upbeat song.
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  • Check out The Beatles "I Will". It's the cutest song on earth.
  • We're using "Love You Madly"by Cake :)
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