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ceremony music- string quartet.

I am having a string quartet play our ceremony music and I am stuck on songs for the bridesmaids to walk down to, me to walk down to and then music for us all to exit to once the ceremony is over.  I don’t want to do the typical “here comes the bride” when I walk down. Suggestions??  Or any websites that might have little clips of music to get a better idea??

Re: ceremony music- string quartet.

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    Vitamin String Quartet- look it up on youtube. "Yellow" by Coldplay is beautiful played be a string quartet. VSQ plays almost all modern and classic songs by almost any artist you can think of.
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    I agree w/pp.  Most of the Coldplay translated very well to string quartet.  "The Only Exception" by Paramore and (not surprising) "With or Without You" by U2 turned out very lovely.  The VSQ has over 300 albums and compilations available on iTunes and covers everything from metal, pop, rap, rock, soundtacks (even all the Twilights) and Broadway.

    This is only helpful if your SQ is willing to learn something just for you.  You might be better off getting a list from them of what they already know and are will play then finding audio samples on iTunes or the Web for those songs and make your selections that way.
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    I'm also having a string quartet! I think it will be perfect. I know that pachelbel canon in D is a beautiful song for the bride to walk in to, that's what I'm going to enter to. I haven't decided on the other songs, but if you would like you could look at the website of the string quartet we're using. They have couple of popular wedding songs listed under their repertoire. Their website is good luck!
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    Do you still want classical? I can't tell what you mean by not the typical "here comes the bride."

    "Air" from Handel's Water Music is beautiful for bridesmaids, the Prince of Denmark's March (Clarke) makes for a gorgeous processional, especially if you have a trumpet or the organ has a trumpette option, and some of the Brandenburg concertos (you can hear all of this on youtube, btw) are pretty. My personal favorite, "Spring"/Primavera from Vivaldi's Four Seasons, is great for a bridal procession or the recessional. 

    Here is a link to my string quartet's site - they have a list of music they frequently play for weddings, both classical and contemporary:
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    I really like some of the quartet arrangements of pop and rock songs by The Section Quartet. They came up on my Pandora station, so you can check them out there.
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