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Making CD advice

So I have to make a CD for our ceremony and I want to have one song start at the ceremony for the flowergirl but once the bridesmaids start walking I want a CD scratch sound and a completly different song played so the bridesmaids can dance down the aisle then once its time for my mom and to walk down, I want the original song the flowergirl was walking down to.

Can someone please explain how I can create a cd to do all I am asking with easy transitions?

Re: Making CD advice

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    I think the easiest way would be to have each song as a different track, and whoever is manning the cd player can advance the track as needed.

    Track 1 - Flower girl song
    Track 2 - Record scratch sound effect
    Track 3 - Bridesmaid song
    Track 4 - Flower girl / Mom song
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    I would like to use that scratch sound effect too for the first dance.. but I am unsure where to find it.. Any ideas?
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