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9 days away and still no processional!!

Hey girls I really need some advice because I am about to just lose it. We are getting married next weekend and I cannot find a song to walk down to that I like. All I know is I hate the typical bridal song and I would like something sweet and not too, too fast but fairly contemporary. My event coordinator told me that it takes the average bride between 20-30 seconds to get down the aisle. What I can't figure out is how to choose a song that you can only listen to 30 seconds of. I had originally chosen Brandon Heath's Love Never Fails (and I still love it) but it sounds so awkward to barely start it and just fade it 30 seconds later. Any advice???
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Re: 9 days away and still no processional!!

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    Go on to iTunes and look up "Vitamin String Quartet." They cover a lot of the modern songs, but it's just a quartet playing. They're all really beautiful.

    But if you can't find anything else, use your original song if you really love it. Maybe start it at the specific part you want played?
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  • lynxbbgirllynxbbgirl member
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    I personally love canon in D.
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    Can you edit the song and play the harmony or the chorus part of it? Or if you can edit it play only the part you want played.  Or maybe you could start playing the song and wait a couple seconds before you start walking down the aisle.

    Here is an idea I just thought of, play the whole song.  For example you walk down the aisle to the beginning of it then once you reach the end of the aisle (where the groom is standing) just stand and wait until the song is done.  If you didn't want to wait until the whole song is playded you could just fade it where it sounds right. 
    You would still have your song and it would be something not everyone does.  It is your fiance and your wedding so basically do what you want to do and what feels right to you.
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    I'm also looking at Love Never Fails.  I printed the lyrics, then wrote the start/stop times for each stanza.  I'm still looking at which part, if any I'd use.  I'm thinking the 8 lines that start with "Love will sustain, love will provide" and ends with "Love never fails you", but that's 39 seconds long, and I know I will take less time than that for the walk!  
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    I think we are trying to do something similar by cutting out the first verse, using the second verse, and letting it end before it starts to buld up. But if that doesn't work then I may just try finding a new song. Only problem is, our songs are due TOMORROW.
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